A single-purpose rolling line for the production of one horizontal exterior blind type. This rolling line can process steel sheet up to 0.5 mm thick and aluminium sheet up to 0.7 mm thick.

The rolling line consists of 4 parts:

The first part consists of an active unrolling device with an ultrasonic sensor for unrolling speed control. At the customer's request, it is also possible to deliver a pallet-based unrolling device.

The second part is the rolling line itself. The rolling wheels are manufactured using special technology, thus guaranteeing their long lifetime. After being fed, the material is shaped to the required shape and size. The rolling kit is completed with a straightening head for straightening small vertical and horizontal deformations.

The third part of the machine consists of a self-contained RDS unit for machining rolled profiles. An increase in the overall machine production rate of 60-80% has been achieved through a combination of an optimized number of tools, their special design and the possibility of controlled positioning.

The fourth part can be selected from the following variants: automatic (all profiles) stacking table, threading device (C or FLACH type profile) or knotting device (Z or S type profile).

To better utilise the machine's high production rate, it is possible to extend the stacking table by an automatic manipulator for stacking finished packets.

The machine is operated through a touch display panel. The rolling line can be connected to the local network, making it possible to enter job orders from the customer's information system. Possible software failures can be remotely diagnosed and corrected through a built-in modem. The advantage of this rolling line is the possibility of fully automating the overall production process, whereby it is not necessary to feed slats into subsequent machines. Other customer benefits in particular are the following: savings in production time, materials, and last but not least, saving of areas for storage of profiles.

Description of machine operations:

  • punching of holes for TEXBAND, including edging
  • punching of various holes for guiding pins or side guiding
  • cutting-out of fixing hooks for ladder cord fixing
  • shot fired fixing of flat or HAGOFIX hooks
  • rolling-in of sealing rubber
  • automatic riveting of metal guiding pins directly in the machine
  • automatic ultrasonic welding of plastic guiding pins
  • automatic threading of C or FLACH type slats to ladders
  • automatic pressing of hooks for ladder cord fixing
  • automatic knotting of the ladder to flat or HAGOFIX hooks for Z or S type slats
  • automatic taking-off of finished packets from the machine to a belt magazine


  • Welded machine frame
  • Unrolling device with ultrasonic sensor
  • Set of rolling wheels, including thermal treatment (hardening)
  • Stacking table with manually or automatically adjustable stacking stands
  • Pneumatic tool for punching holes with edging for TEXBAND
  • Pneumatic dividing tool
  • Central tool lubrication system
  • Control system with 15“ touch panel
  • Simple entering of slat dimensions to be manufactured
  • Easy adjustment of rolling speed
  • Two production modes: STANDARD and ATYP
  • Possibility of connecting to ETHERNET
  • Possibility of marking products using INK-JET or LASER
  • Possibility of implementing the automatic riveting device for metal guiding pins
  • Possibility of implementing the ZK-ATU I automatic threading device
  • Possibility of implementing the ZK-ABU-F or ZK-ABU-H automatic knitting device
  • Possibility of implementing the automatic manipulator for stacking finished packets
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