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DOOR (20×50×5000mm)

DOOR (20×50×5000mm)

The frame is fastened with ordinary hinges or self-closing hinges. Complete closure is ensured with magnets.

The whole frame is reinforced with a crossbar to give the screen door greater strength. At the customer's request, we can also supply a kicking plate.

We manufacture profiles as well as all visible plastic fasteners in three colours as standard (white, brown, wood imitation). On mutual agreement it is possible to manufacture a precise quantity as well as other colour variants.

We manufacture invisible plastic fasteners without applying surface colour, they are only in the colour of the material used.

  • dimensions 20×50×5000 mm
  • manufactured from rolled aluminium with baking paint protected surface
  • colour scheme: white, brown, wood imitation
  • frame reinforced with a transom in the middle (option from two transom types), or a kicking plate
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